Hope Dreams @ Fresh Window Gallery


Hope Dreams

Curated by Alexander Deschamps

Dan Lucal, Joe Nanashe, Lillian Meisner, Alexander Deschamps

On View December 11, 2015 – January 10, 2016

Opening Reception December 11, 2015 7 – 9 PM

Fresh Window Gallery is pleased to present Hope Dreams, a group show curated by artist Alexander Deschamps. This show aims to speak to the position of the presidency itself, and to the celebrity and fascination that comes with it. It is an attempt to unravel and examine the american tendency to imbue in our leaders all of our hopes, dreams, fears, and even dysfunctions. It is an a-political view of our quintessential american politics, with a focus on the individual charisma of our elected officials, past and present, and how they affect the esteem, not the politics, of our people.

The title of the show is a riff on the classic 1994 longitudinal documentary Hoop Dreams by Steve James. In Hoop Dreams we follow two young Chicago boys as they try to build a basketball life, with the promise of playing in the NBA as the final reward. Ultimately, they both end their careers in college, with no professional hoops in their future. The documentary pivots on the question of deflated dreams. Can we rely on the all powerful force of the NBA to draw us out of despair and poverty? Can we rely on POTUS for the same? Who are the objects of american idolatry? And Why? Hope Dreams asks more questions than it answers.